Node List missing entries

I’ve seen this before, but thought I’d better document it this time.
The node list is missing nodes, if you type into it then some of the nodes appear, for example this I had typed DMX but artnet was missing, typing artnet and those nodes appeared, backspacing to nothing again, and these nodes appearded, sometimes the list can be empty until you type, when the selected nodes can appear…
Going to quit and restart now…

oh yeah, any one else noticed the io box bug creaping back :)
I’ve always been rather partial to that one, and I’ve lost my node8 T shirt now :( Are there any left?

sounds odd. can’t reproduce here. can you?

so you’re saying on dblclick in the patch the nodebrowser opens but is empty?

iooaaa…a bit, but moving your mouse over any of them should always bring all back.

hm…too bad…we got some girly node10 left only i think…

1/ Its an intermittent thing, I have seen it a few times before, and restarting v4 fixes it.
I did attach a screen shot but it seems to be gone…
2/ Yes
3/ Ah I was trying the scrolling trick which doesn’t work so well, never minded it too much as interfaces I usually do in dx
4/ Hmm think I’ve too much beer belly for a girly fit :/

screenshots wont attach… so I’ve zipped it

node list screen shot (36.3 kB)