Node Browser - weird scrolling

i rediscovered the possibility to have the node browser as a permanent window while teaching. this is really helpful since everybody permanently sees which last node i grabbed. this is of value to gamma as well…if we can have multiple windows. =)

long introduction, now the bug. when i drag a node into the patch window, the node browser scolls horizontally until the nodes are gone. they only appear when i hoover over the node browser again.

easy to reproduce: CTRL+N , drag any node into the patch windows. probably easy to fix, disable horizontal scroll.


edit. mmm, drag drop gif doesnt really work, looks tiny

edit2: oh, right drag doesn’t scroll

have looked into this for more than an hour now, to no avail…

what i can offer meanwhile is a workaround that i found: when you drag the node not from where the name is, but from the empty rest of the line, then i also don’t get this scrolling with a left-drag.

@joreg , ok. thanks for looking into that. if the text is causing it, than it sounds like some invisible text selection. who knows…