Node browser doesn't remember category selection

Hi there,
since the new UI additions (i think from 6.0-0203), the node browser doesn’t remember the previous selection.
Every time I open it, the category selection is reset to default.

Are you talking about the Advanced radio button?


This is by design and a change of behavior.
Our intuition was that you either want to have Advanced off all the time or on. This can be decided in the settings as it is a matter of taste. The node browser now always opens respecting those preferences.

Additionally, when starting a link from a pin with an advanced type, the setting gets overruled temporarily and Advanced will be enabled for this case.

It is our intuition that this behavior is “better” both for beginners and advanced users.
The node browser should always give you the best listing of nodes based on your preferences, not based on what node you created before.

And of course, if you want to switch quickly there is still the TAB key that allows you to quickly switch.

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Well, i’m constantly changing this setting and it slows my workflow considerably.
In my opinion the Node browser should keep the settings until i change them, like in the 99% of the softwares around.

Just to clarify.

When i double click in the canvas, (no links or nodes selected or involved) i would expect that the “Advanced Radio Button” keeps the same settings i set in the last navigation.

Ok. The team decided to revert this change in behavior for now.

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Great, thank you guys