No vst for me

I use VST’s quite frequently and have been having trouble with the new feature.

I’ve attempted to load both example patches (from inside the vvvv/vst folder, and with Synth1 and Polykeys there as well)

This did not function, it’s something I would really like to explore.

but thank you for this great update and great software!

sanch had also a problem on his office computer. but it worked on his home maschine. no idea what it is.

I had the problem on my office computer originally, and thought that perhaps somehow vst dll’s weren’t registered or something.

I tried once again when I got home, as described above taking special care with the instructions.

Still no luck.


Did you try the SupaPhaser-Example too?
The Synth1 & Polykeys work on your computer with another host?
Have you got something like D:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET installed?

You might have to install .NET to get it working, let MEanimal know if this fixed the problem.