No Touch Interaction

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I’m pretty new to VVVV and noticed that it opens a world of opportunities.

For my graduation I’m working on a project that works with gesture based interaction, a Minority type of interaction WITHOUT the gloves. I know it’s possible to create (Orange Mobile did it in the UK) but I wondered if it’s possible to create with VVVV.

So the idea is to capture hand movements of the user which let them control the content on the screen. So the camera needs to read depth or maybe with an infrared camera it can sense the “heat” or the best way (if it’s possible) is to capture the hands (by shape?).

Has anyone made anything like this or do you know if this is possible with VVVV?


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Did nobody try anything yet with gesture based interaction through vvvv and a webcam? Or know if this is possible?


we have something like that working here…
it is a stereoscopic motion tracking, that was developed by some guys at the TU Wien. Their software is not done within vvvv but it might be interesting to hear how it works anyway.

The tracking compares alike groups of pixel of the two different camera images. This way it can detect single points from two different perspectives. By precisely calibrating the system (with a checkerboard of known dimensions), you can triangulate those points and determine the position of the hand in 3-dimensional space as well as the rotation of the hand (assuming you stretch it flat) within a certain visual field of the cameras.

It might sound a little astonishing that this works, but with a clean calibrated setup you get rather precise data and can reproducibly play most complex games. Just like a wii but without the wii…

I have some videos of this on my little cam here but I need to cut it first. It shows some games that I did with vvvv for peyote on this system.

if you need two dimensional touch less tracking of the hand, a possible solution for that would be something like peyotes iFrame.
This is basicly an invisible matrix of IR-leds. It can be blown up reaching 8m span. This is very very precise and works with two hands.

Wow, this sounds really interesting and exactly what I’m looking for.

How does it recognize the hands? Is it by distance or by shape or color?
Are you going to put the video on youtube or vimeo? I’m realy interested in seeing it work.

Do you have some contacts or names for me of people who worked on that so that I could contact them?

Thank you very much for this useful info!

(please keep me up to date) ;)