No Symbol, Processnode


minor bug in VL:

When I have some Class, this button makes its processnode available (right?):

When I disable this button, but then expand the Process menu nonetheless, then change something in the patch, the ‘Create’ and ‘Update’ entries are red and show ‘No Symbol’:

(I can’t get the No Symbol right now, but mouseover did show that before)

hm right, Create and Update should probably be gone if you disable the process.

If you make them gone, the arrow to expand is just sitting there weirdly with no function, whereas if you leave them there, I could expand, check what a processnode would contain, and then choose whether to activate it or not.

So I would leave them there.

If you make them gone, please make it still remember which ones were activated and which ones were not.
So if you deactivate and reactivate the Process it’s exactly the same as before.


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