No Patch Window after first installation


I´m a newbie and have just installed vvvv on vista. As told in the download section I´ve extracted my files and opened the .exe.

Before that I´ve installed SlimDx and DirectX.

Here´s my problem:

The args-file is open in the DirectX renderer, but this is the only windows. Cannot do anything.

I´d love to learn this program and do the documentation, so anybody knows how to solve this problem, please let me know.

best Milian

Like said in the documentation, I´ve deleted the args-file…as expected now there´s no window. At the bottom line program bar in the icon there´s pluses and minuses instead of vvvv.

did you start vvvv as admin?

I guess so, well I just started the program. It´s my computer and I have only this account…so I should be admin.

I do not understand also, why there´s no installation file, only the .exe so it seems there won´t be installed any systemfiles…

I hate trying a cool software and not even get into it.

I tried it on a friends computer, running XP and this was no problem. Why is it here then…my oh my …

thanks for answering Kalle