No audio recording until Sound/level present


Hello wonderful people!

I am creating a project which is a sort of “music dead-drop” or audio/grafitti if you will, meant to be placed out into the public space.

Mechanics is that you plug in your device and you push a button (will try to get rid of that later) to record and store 10sec. There is a second female jack-input that plays back stored files randomly when headphones are plugged in (being triggered by a switch in the jackplug, going to an Arduino).

Using the audio pack, I have the recording and playback of stored files figured out. What I am stuck on is to avoid recording if someone is randomly pushing the button with nothing plugged in, or if playback have not started on the device.

There is a crack peak when device is first plugged in, then audio playback is on a much lower level.

Using the meter I do get a level value to work with, but I am struggling to disable the button, unless a certain value-range is present.

There is also a problem of getting a latched value of peaks and lows, to see how to map it out.

If anyone has a suggestion, solution or thoughts I would be eternally grateful. This is very important to me, and also a little last minute.
I am kind of nevvvv, but not a complete noob…


you can use with a ‘>’ value or Hysteresis node to check whether the audio is over a certain level and then use AND boolean to disable the button functionality. also use the smoothing of the Meter node or a Decay node after the Meter to not get flickering of the boolean value.

you can do that as well with a Meter followed by a Decay node, leave the Attack at a low level and set decay to a high value to get a slow peak value.

for logic tasks always use the Level output wich is in the range 0-1, not the dBs out.

also make sure you know what all the frequently used nodes are doing:


Thanks you very much! This makes sense. Will try to implement it and report back:)


Decay to get a better look --> Hystersis --> AND… Hystersis alright… Seems almost too simple now, when not fighting broken arduino clones as well… Thank you very much tonfilm!


glad to hear that it works so far, good luck with the project.