Has anyone integrated an NFC reader into a vvvv app?

The use case is simple - The app is triggered when it reads any NFC chip (mobile, badge, etc.)

If anyone has recommendations for hardware or software please let me know! I shall post any findings to the forum as there doesn’t appear to be much info about NFC.

Hi Gareth,

I have been using the arduino nfc shield of adafruit with v4:

for my project reading the UUID of standard mifare tags was sufficient. I started reading the memory but getting out the content in a proper way is a bit more complicated so i focussed on the uuid.
With mobile phones afaik it is different as it is an interactive process where you have to establish some kind of communication between phone and mobile. its not just reading out some memory …

adafruit provided some basic examples in their lib:
and you can find a simple arduino sketch + v4 patch to read the uuid here:

depending on what you wan’t to archieve this might be a starting point.

Tested a cheap one from ebay which worked quite well with vvvv (testing environment)
It’s recognized as a com port and you had to send a query via rs232 to look for a card everytime you wanted to check. only after the card is found you can ask for the id…
repeatedly looking for a card would be enough in your case as i understand it!
It was a mifare rfid reader off of ebay, just like this one:

only tested it with rfid tags, but as i understand it, nfc is basically the same for th 13,56mhz frequency…

Thank you for the excellent responses. I have ordered hardware and will report back.

The MiFare works great. It outputs a string of text. Easy to incorporate into vvvv.

The NFC reader:

ISO14443A 13.56mhz rfid contactless usb desktop mifare reader output UID of card or tags (USB)

UK store: