NextWindow Touch Plugin

Small plugin to get touch data from nextwindow devices natively in vvvv.

Thanks to screamer for testing as I don’t have one of those devices myself yet.

Seems their API doesn’t send touch up reports (or I don’t know how to capture them).

So when you don’t touch the screen it just doesnt send any data.

For the moment using a framecounter to notice that when no report is sent for a certain amount of frames, then we say there is no touches.

Licensed under LGPL

Edit: Please report any bug/suggestion of course :)


well done guys, compliments :D

all the great work was made by vux, i’m only a remote testbed, the happiest in the world ;P

and this is a exe for tuio send in windows 7 x64bit :) (13.3 kB)

wow that was fast
mille merci vux