Nextwindow - other issues and a wish

Hi, always me about multitouch and nextwindow plugin by vux. I noticed that the output pin velocity is the velocity of x coordinates, but there is’nt a velocity pin for y coordinates (or better, a unique velocity pin that is a 2dvector, like for the position).
So, because i need a velocity for the y, i made it by myself by simply using a framedifference node. The strange thing is that this approach works perfectly in the office (with a 52’ multitouch monitor based on the nextwindow technology) but at home, with my “little” dell sx2210t, i have some strange results. It seems like the values is coming every 2 frames. What i see if i attach a framedifference to the y position of the point, i a value that oscillate periodically. A frame is the correct subtraction, the next is 0, and so on. For now i resolved using another approach (i make a queque of 4 frame count and i subtract the first slice and the third), but why this strange thing? i tried with the mouse input and the framedifference works, so it not a framedifference bug, but something about the nextwindow device. anyway i’m investigating… :)


nextwindow api has no component for X and Y regarding velocity. the velocity output is global for x and y combined.

And framevelocity will work better than framedifference :)

really strange, because for my observations the value in velocity changes only when i move over the x coordinates with the finger. The y movements don’t produces velocity changes.
and, i tried the framevelocity, but a have the same problem, a frame is the correct value, the other is a 0, and so on. the queque workaround for now seems to do what i need

For the framevelocity being 0, it might be that the framerate for the device is lower than the mainloop.

So if you execute a new frame but didnt received a touch update, the plugin will output the same value, hence the 0 velocity.

Hope that helps.

yes, it is exactly what happens, and the strange thing is that the framerate of the device seems to be exactly the half of vvvv framerate. i tried mainloop, and if i set the maximum framerate to 30 (the half of the default) framevelocity works well (but at this point a prefer to continue using the queque, so i mantain an hi speed framerate of visuals).
the strange thing is that in the office, with the other monitor and the optional software running, the framerate of the device should be 60, because i don’t have this problem with framevelocity