Newcomer needs help

Hi, Can anyone help me with this. I have attached a .png image of what I am trying to make using vvvv. I have worked my way through all the tutorials and have a (very)basic understanding of the program, but haven’t managed to make a patch that will do what I want. I basically want to make an outline of a rectangle and have it play so that it will expand and fade out (or not). I know that it could be done using an effect in Flash, but I want to learn to use vvvv, so if someone could point me in the direction of the ingredients I need to build it, then I will play around with it, or if someone has such a patch that I could learn from by deconstructing, I’d be very grateful. I don’t have a background in programming (I studied Fine Art)so apologies if my terminology is clumsy.

thanks in advance

I can t see any picture attached

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I can’t seem to upload/attach the image for some reason.

I’ve uploaded it here…

try this… no text …

callmenames.v4p (4.7 kB)

Thanks for that io. I will spend some time investigating the functions of the pins and go over the node reference section, and maybe I’ll be able to understand the process a bit more.

Thanks io for that little patch. I managed to get it to do what I wanted (changed the colour, speed, size), now I’m going to try and make it react to sound. Am trying to learn this stuff in a vacuum so thanks again for your help.

The shorter way is to use the FFT (4 channel) node for example, remember also to use some filter in between (decay node, damper etc.) and maybe a map node to control how much it affects the parameter

Thanks for last tip. By the time I read it, I’d already found a video tutorial and got it working (sort of). Am working my way through the girlpower folder and gleaning what I can from that before I post again. Unless there are any workshops scheduled for Scotland next year, I’ll have to try and get to Frankfurt in 2011. best regards Henrikfan