Newbies way to shadow?

Hello, me newbi
Did tutoriaIs. Now looked for something like a Plane-tutorial, to get further information on how to deal with shadow-projection like I can see on
< >
I had a look on tonfilm`s modules, but to be quite honest, I can´t make much of them yet. I just need to project the shadow of one flat thing onto wall, like on the mentioned picture.
Is there some newbies-information on how to do shadows ?? And if there is one, am I to stupid to see it?


this screenshot was made with the ShadowDir (Transform OnPlane LightDirection Simple) Module, open its help file and replace the object with yours …

and check out the ( shadow ) and ( slide projector ) samples in the girlpower folder. it’s all there.

Oh wow, yeah that helps. Thanks guys.

Did you have any luck with the examples. I’m working from the shadow in the ‘girlpower’ folder and am having trouble replacing the ‘wand’ geometry with something other. Is there anything special about the x-file?

maybe your XFile doesn’t have Normals. you can check this with VertexDeclaration (EX9.Geometry Mesh) .

if there are none, you can create them with Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) .

hey thanks…but, the mesh did have normals…mmm…I’m not really sure what I did, but I’ve got in working now. It was actually there but it was all black. I changed the renders background and then set the GouraudProjectedTexture node to render the TGourand technigue rather than just diffuse and that brought up both light and shadow.