Newbie, trying to create interface stuck on mouse over button changing it's animation?

Hi there, I’m brand new to this, tinkering around I managed to create a mouse pointer and a button which is a texture.

What I want to be able to do is when the cursor hovers over the button graphic I want the button texture to change, like a hover over animation on a website.

Is this possible and how do I do it?


hi guest,
there’s many way to do this. really there’s no limit to what can do.
i attach a simple example of interface. with the same principles of this patch, you can do what you want, for example using animations instead the simple change of texture, or you can use the values of overing, or selecting, to do transformations and other things

hope it helps ;) (89.4 kB)

Excellent, thanks very much, I wasn’t aware of that Adon node you had, ToggleButton, I had to download the addon pack, thanks!
I will have a look and try and take it apart to understand how I can apply it, thanks again!