Newbie: Texture questions about DAE models

Hi Guys,

I have just started working with VVVV. I am generally a mac guy, but I had to start using this program after I saw the amazing things it was capable of.

At the moment I am trying to achieve some pretty basic projection mapping for a project. I have made a decent start, importing the DAE model of my object and lighting it with basic lighting successfully.

I have run into trouble when I try and attach a texture to the object however.

I have basically copied the tutorial patch on the mapping tutorial.

Like I said I am fairly new to the problem so i am probably missing some very basic things. I have tried a number of different textures using file textures, using video textures, and using a screen shot as a texture. In all instances I have applied the same texture to a quad going to an ex9 rendering, and the texture works fine.

So I think that is probably a transformation/scale/transposition thing on my model. I assume the texture is streched to the limit, or miniscule.

I have attached a scale object to the texture transform node of the PhongPoint effect, and scrolled through all manner of numbers on the scale object but with no result. The other thing I thought was maybe its a lighting issue, but again, the quad renders fine in the scene so it shouldn’t be this I thought.

Any help is appreciated, I have attached the file in case that helps anyone. Even a point in the right direction will get me going.


I don’t think the file attached - here it is

timBright_mappingTest.rar (18.1 kB)

hi send_two,
your problem is the UVmapping of the model. In this case you can’t do nothing in vvvv, you need to create an UVmap for the model.
In the attached file there is the model i done using your model and applying a cubic uv map. i think this can be a problem of googlesketchup, but i don’t know (never used). Anyway your file was a little bit difficult to import (i tried with 3dsmax, probably the more compatible with collada importer of vvvv) but nothing happens. So i imported it in lightwave, then exported in .obj, then imported in max, uvmapped, and then exported to collada with colladamax.

anyway try to explore the uvmapping capabilities of sketchup, or better, if you can, use 3dsmax (not necessary a really new version, i use 3dsmax 9, at least 3 versions old :))

hope it helps ;)

ps. i added in your patch a *(transform) and a uniformscale, because of the different scale ofthe object exported by me (20.9 kB)

Ah ha,

Thanks very much. That makes sense. I actually use Blender as well, although their DAE export is problematic as well.

Thanks for the tips, and I look forward to checking out your patch. I’ll definitely consider Max as well, sounds like its a much better way to go.

I’ll see how I go.

Thanks mate

looking around i found this useful module created by kalle, made for creating texture coordinates of a geometry that don’t have one. i tried it with your old patch, and your old module, and it works well. for simple texturing probably it is another solution
(as always vvvery great kalle!!) (24.1 kB)

Thanks Screamer,

Thats awesome, very useful. After you sent me the updated UV patch last night. I went back into blender and had a play around with the UV’s.

They exported fine, and the model is now texturing perfectly. The effect now is even cooler than I first thought. I hadn’t even considered how a model might be textured, so I sort of assumed that the model would have the same texture on all faces.

Now that the Model can wrap textures, the possibilities for awesome projection mapping stuff is really quite simple. I wanted to have stock quotes scrolling around the object, and just by translating the texture this sort of happened by default. Very cool.

Thanks for the prod in the right direction.

@screamer: that honors me :)

@send_two: maybe you can find more useful stuff on kalle.modules.EX9.Geometry ;)