Newbie: switching different type of textures?

hi all !
this is a newbie question.

I m wondering how to switch on the same renderer from different type of texture ( GDI / video texture / EX9 tex).

is there a node that enables to toggle the input ?

thanks ! ;-P

Switch (Node) might help here…

hi tonfilm!
thanks for your advice. I m discovering vvvv and I have more habit of C coding … but this tool is so elegant and easy to use !
ok i will try switch node. I was thinking it was only for numerical inputs…

more generally as a question of designing : how would you handle different presets ?

for example if I need on a performance 3 different video configuration ( mixes from videoIn / filestream / png with 2 or / 4 or 5 layers ) how do usually vvvv users call it or handle it ?

alternatively, for those who are using dmx and lighting , I have wrotten in C a lightdesk in freeware. site is in french, but doc and soft are in english.
This could help vvvv users for complex lighting handling, as schwartpeter receives midi input for remoting all its function (Go, goback, times, delays, link, chasers, memory preset calling, subs, dimmer patch and curves, special modes, … ). you can handle up to 120 adresses and 5000 memories. schwartzpeter is http based, and designed for theatre and dance usage. you can also send it udp messages to simulate midi and work thrut network

cheers ;-P