Newbie subpatching stupid question

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to move my first step with this amazing toy!
I would like to know:
only IObox can be inlet or outlet? I cannot have a subpatch with a EX9-layer or a texture, as outlet? I guess there are some tricks :)


yea you have to name it with Inspektor Ctrl-I

Ok, when I give a name to a IObox, in the subpatch appear a new inlet (or outlet), I know it.
But It seems that if I give the name to a Renderer(EX9) nothing appen…

hi luper,

only IOBoxes can bin inlets and outlets. thats what the IO stands for: in/out.
in order to return a layer/texture from a subpatch you neet to connect an IOBox (Node) to the layer/texture pin you want to return and name that iobox. see?

Got it! Thanks