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I have a basic question concerning spreads. I would like to use a single slider (or I/O) that is connected to an 8 colume spread passing a setslice-node. I would like to set slice 8 when I move the slider. this works fine and slice 8 adobts the slider value. When I move the slider the next time I would like to move the value of slice 8 to 7 and set slice 8 at the same time with the new value and then continue like this: next value change of slider sets a new value for slice 8 and moves value of slice 7 to 6, next value changes sets new value for slice 8 and moves value of slice 6 to 5 and 7 to 6. and so on.
when a value reaches index 0 it get’s dropped with the next slider change.
I hope you understand. I attached a patch.
At least it is the idea to store an incoming value in a spread and not overwrite it with the next incoming value but move it to the previous index.

The values will draw a curve diagram in the end (but this part is still a bit a mess).

Thanks for any help!


spreads question.v4p (3.8 kB)

hi darr,

here are different approches to solve the problem. i hope this helps.


spreads question.v4p (15.2 kB)

yes! great! that’s what I need. Thanks!

if you want the Slider value to be in the output spread directly, you would need a FrameDealy.

Its again interesting to see how this can be implemented in VL. see patch for both options:

SetSlice (6.3 kB)