Newbie... RENDERER state VS image output

Hi there
I am absolute newbie, so sorry if this is stupid. Anyway… I would like to use VVVV for static artprints… so what is important for me is one frame image output. I have this patch(below). The problem is that in RENDERER all generated quads stays drawed in output window, but when I save one shot it render only actual state of animation… without previous phases which is most important. I hope u understand. Shortly it would be nice have same saved image as I can see in renderer.

howTOrender.v4p (19.8 kB)

Hi Bazztart

You need to disable the Only Render On Save in the writer.

see attached patch


howTOrender2.v4p (20.9 kB)

Oh so trivial:D Thank you so much that u take time for my question!

I think you want a queue (EX9.texture) node, just before your writer, so you can capture one frame and than save it. Beware, there are some hidden pins for quality and format settings (use Herr inspector to see them)