Newbie Question - How to slow down a counter?

Hi guys, newbie question here. I have a counter to change the x and y scale of a quad. At the moment, the counter is working fine but the counter is counting up so fast that the quad appears to be flashing. Is there any way to slow the counter down so the quad increases size more gradually? Thanks!

Attached is a screen capture of my current pins

Put a Damper (Animation) between Counter and Transform.
Or a Decay, a DeNiro, a Newton…
Hit F1 when one of these nodes is selected to open the help patch.

also you may want to prefer the LFO (Animation) for such a scenario. check its helppatch as well…

It worked! Thank you very much!

I’d throw in a LinearFilter

LFO (Animation) with a Map (Value) might be more appropriate here, and even an Waveshaper (Value) between LFO and Map.

Here is two of the solutions suggested.

growingQuad.v4p (12.3 kB)

All of these worked like a charm :) thanks guys!