Newbie question about io boxes

so this is probably a really basic thing but…I have a 3d scene and I am controlling the camera which has three position boxes…so i made an io box with three rows…I can then control the x,y,z value…all i want is for the z value to be controlled by and fft…I can’t figure out how to just control the z value except for by hand…I am also using a map node to limit how far and close it gets but the map node controls all the values…in a io box how can i separate just the z input so it can be controlled by music…thanks in advance…Ive been using vvvv for a week and have already made 5 decent looking 3d patches…much love.


Have a look at this

callmenames.v4p (5.1 kB)

Perrefect!!! thanks for the quick reply…I got a gig tomorrow…and im doing my new vvvv patches…I am a quartz composer/vdmx guy and i used to mess with jitter back in the day…but I am in love with vvvv…thanks again.


Glad to ear that :) and welcome!