Newbie needs help

Helo-am trying to teach myself how to use vvvv by exploring nodes,pins, etc and generally deconstructing patches to see what makes them tick. When I’m trying to reconstruct some of the patches I’ve downloaded, I often find a node that I can’t get see in the list. The patch I’m trying to reconstruct at present, has a node called ‘IIII_mesh’.I tried each mesh in turn(from the right click menu) and tried fiddling in Inspektor to see if it would help but I’m stuck. I don’t come from a programming background so apologies if the answer is an obvious one. Thanks to anyone who takes time to help.


Don’t worry, newbie here too but i think i know what you mean. The three “bars” before _mesh mean it’s a patch within a patch. Just rightclick it to open. Hope that helped you out.


I forgot, when you want to close the widow don’t choose “close” but select “hide” instead otherwise you will close the running patch and delete the object in the original patch. And never save! I messed up some good patches this way. :(

Helo FRid

Thanks for that info. I forgot to mention that I’m trying to recreate the patch from a jpeg only, so I couldn’t mouse over for an id. Now I have to go and find out about ‘patches within patches’…hope my head doesn’t explode. Not sure I understand the advice to ‘never save’(?). I’m guessing I should try it to see what happens…thanks again

it’s a good idea to go through the documentation - although it is a bit tedious, you’ll learn a few essentials & cool nodes along the way. also remember to press F1 on any node to see its helppatch. you can also dive into the \girlpower-folder of your vvvv-directory to find a large amount of cool patches (including all the startup-patches from previous betas showing off new features of vvvv).

Hi diki

I already read through some of the documentation, but I am impatient to learn more quickly, and questions are coming so fast that I fear I’ll spend more time reading than making. Enjoyed your pages.

also check out the youtube playlist by @tonfilm|tonfilm)), of tutorials by ((user:west ;)

I haven’t got to this subject ;)

You try to recreated a patch from a picture, very brave hehe.

But without having an option to check pin settings, also extreme difficult.

A node called: IIII_mesh is a module or a subpatch. (because it starts with IIII) So unless you got a picture of that subpatch, or you know where to get it, I am afraid you cannot do this.

If you want proof of what I say, just open the startup patch of Beta21 (vvvv_40beta21\girlpower( 21 mops )_root_shwops.v4p) and see there is ‘node’ called “IIII Bilboard Object” but that isn’t a node, it is a patch (in the same folder). To see the content, rightclick on it, notice all the inlets and outlets have a descriptive name. (use her Inspector to see what I mean)

Please, keep on asking, welcome to the forums, and have fun!!