Newbie LED Patching

Hello Everyone,

Been looking at VVVV for a couple of months and trying to find project that would let me play and now I have one. EEEK!

Background, been working with Leds for a couple of years, mainly fixed installs for building owners, other LED companies and Artists. Good knowledge of ArtNet & DMX.

I wont go in to detail on the project (unless your interected), but im tring to play around with mapping a small array of pixels 10 x 10, and im struggling.

Ive seen other posters with similer questions, and i have already tried unsuccessfully to use patches from the site, but with limited success.

Thanks to Kalle & Westbam for the various DMX patches, very simple for me to understand and I have ARTNET output to AL controller and DMX going to my 10 x 10 array.

But not in the correct sequence…urrghhh

My array is
top left hand corner is pixel 1 (Ch1,2,3)
top right hand corner is pixel 10 (Ch28,29,30)
Bottom left corner is pixel 100 (Ch271,272,273)
Bottom Right corner is Pixel 91 (Ch298,299,300)

Im hoping someone could point me in the direction of a basic understanding of specifying starting points and snaking of pixels.


I can not visualize how the pixels are aligned. the layout of pixels must “flip” somehow.

I made a little example patch on how I have remapped dmx “pixels”.


DMXSoftPatchbay.v4p (9.9 kB)

Thanks Sunep,

Ill try this out now and let you know the results.


Hello Sunep,

Thanks so much for the patch, looks great and i love the simplicity!.. Ok confession time. I got my DMx snake sequence wrong. Doh!

Correct Phisycal Channel map is as follows;

I have played around with the addressing and what I see is that the DMX remaps correctly in your patch, but physically is a mirror image in the 10 x 10 array.

please let me know if this is clear, I can send additional images to explain.

Thanks once again! And sorry for messing you around.


I think this one should do that trick.

DMXSoftPatchbay2.v4p (13.0 kB)

Hi Sunep,

Thanks and also thanks to West!..

getting there, so close now.

Ok I altered the pixel addressing to match my string and if I reverse both settings in the IO reverse slices I got the same fancy visuals, but as you will see the IOBox color is messed up… See Wests Gridtest9x18 - working.

Slowly beginning to understand… errr i think.

sunep cool patch (38.7 kB)
GridTest9x18 - WORKING.v4p (38.7 kB)

do you mean that the IOBox (Color) after getslice is messed up? in that case it is ok, since that is the corrected order to make it fit the LED’s as long as the LED’s look like the IOBoX before the getslice

Yes thats correct and agree its showing the raw output which is exactly as it should be. Thanks Sunep for the kind assistance and if I can be of any help please let me know…

now Im also having a small problem with playing an AVI file, I was using it to test the correct dot addressing… It works fine… but only seem to send out DMX channel data when the pixel actually changes from 1 frame to the next, not the channel data for the pixels that dont change.

Im hoping this is a simple switch im missing, or do I have to resample on every frame change?


Ps I will close this thread off as you have done a great job and ill start another thread.

Thanks once again.


Sorry Sunep, forgot the link.