Newbie here, really basic question

Hi there, just starting I’m so confused.
I just wanted to start by having a short 4 second 640 by 480 video playing in the render window but I can’t even do this?

I’m not even sure how to just load a video file, I’ve looked thorugh all the tutorials but it doesn’t show this.

I tried a “FileStream” and the top right pin let me load one, I then create a
“Renderer EX9” but I can’t find any pins to link them up to get the video playing?

Sorry if this is very basic.

Okay, a basic video player, well, that is asked before, many many times.

You create the Filestream, very good. Check the pins, you will see there is an end time and a start time, wel, make sure you set the end time to something else than 0.0000 seconds. Lets make it 1000 seconds, it doesn’t hurt. Just for starters, set the loop pin at 1 (boolean yes) and also set play to one. Now we have a video playing and repeating.

Next we going to see this video, what you need to do is use it as a texture on an object. So we make a node called VIDEOTEXTURE (pick one, both should work). This node will transform you video in into a texture.

If you now press F1 to see the videotexture helpfile, you will see what we are making here ;)

Now the video is a texture, we want to show it onto something, lets use a QUAD for that (or pillow, or segment or…)

Connect this all together, and add a renderer and you have your video.

Next thing you want to check is a Transform (2D) so you can scale the quad to make it fullscreen.

Finally, you register here, so you do not have to ask questions like a guest :)

Gooooooood luck!!!

Thanks so much, that makes sense now the way you stepped through it is perfect. I’ve used Shake before which is a node based compositing software so I was trying to approach it in a similar way and getting confused, I couldn’t find which sections I’d want to link each of them into.
Thanks again, I’ll give this a go and get back to you!

And then register :)