Newbie help: Linking from one patch to another and Smoother pattern


I have recently started learning VVVV! But I’m currently stuck at the moment.

First of all, I want to control the pattern transition in my first patch (main.v4p) to be smoother but unable to do so after several attempts. It is linked to my subpatch (colourpattern_02.v4p)

And secondly, I want to make the black box in the center as a button that links to another patch (main_02.v4p).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

main.v4p (37.8 kB)
main_02.v4p (29.4 kB)
colourpattern02.v4p (28.5 kB)

Well I don’t know if I got first question correctly, but: into colourpattern_02 you can substitute Damper node (id 79, the one below Resample) with a LinearFilter (Animation Advanced) node; if you decide to play with time-based transitions, try set the time to a value slightly higher than the one of LFO with id 74 (the one changing Resample mode), and also play with Cyclic pin.
I see how transition between hues gets, somehow, “more pleasant”, unless Resample changes vigorously its output values.

You would try to study a nice sequence of Resample’s Modes so that changes don’t hurt to much. After all, imho, having a predefined sequence of Resample Modes wouldn’t affect too much the randomness feeling of the patch, since its Input pin gets random values too.

Another hint: you can choose whether showing or not the values in IOBox through Inspektor. This is just an UI thing, that does not affect the result of the patch. Try to hide those of the IOBox below colourpattern.

Then what do you mean with

If you mean that main_0 and main_02_0 should feed the renderer one at a time, then you would have a root patch containing main_0 and main_02 and a switch that sends their content one at a time. This gives you the advantage to use Enable pin on each main_n.
Maybe Button (3d Quad) it’s not what you’re searching for, since it returns whether or not the cursor is on a specific object in 3d space.
Wait, unless you want the action be triggered by hovering on the quad.
You could have a look at ToggleButton (GUI) helppatch.

Thank you h99! It works! :)