Newbie - ex9 "overflow"

i am experimeting with different combinations of spreads applied to basic geometry like spheres and rectangles and there is a point, as i rise the spreadcount, where the ex9 renderer begins to mash up the different objects, as if it fails to connect all the different points in the right way.

  1. is there a more practical way to play around with lots of small particles in ex9?

  2. can i get a Point in ex9 otherwise than scaling down “larger” geometry?

thank you

try the Fill (EX9.RenderState) node. and even switch on “draw slicewise” of the particle nodes in the inspector.

the pixel trick:

take a quad
scale to zero
Fill (EX9.Renderstate) with fillmode point

or even better: Grid DX9
see patch

helloGuest.v4p (8.3 kB)

thank you people