Newbie dual renderer window question


im just skimming the surface of this amazing application, great work guys!

im pretty new to 4v so excuse me if my question is too simple but i need to know a few things about VVVV in order to progress with my project to see if its possible to approach the program in the way i intend.

My set up is as follows ATI mobilty 600 graphics card running an extended desktop, Monitor2 ( or the extended desktop in this case ) is outputting to a beamer.

I need to have to renderers, one for preview on standard desktop and one maximised on the extended desktop ( output to beamer )

The reason for this is that intend to use video feedback as part of the performance.

So far i managed to patch a solution that has two renderers in the way i want ( in this case an just an ordinary filestream )

Trouble is both renderers work fine in on the main desktop, but if i seperate and put one on the extended desktop for the breamer to see the first one glitches out and freezes!

Is it possible to have a preview renderer on standard desktop and one on extended desktop running ok at the same time?

perhaps im apporaching this in the wrong way, but any help would be greatly appreciated

big ups to the VVVV scene and crew! :)

halo zph.

you hit a weak spot. the freeze of the video on the second monitor is a current limitation of the videotexture that can only playback on one device at a time (where device denotes a monitor, when in dualview mode. note that in horizontal span mode both monitors together form one device. in that mode you can play videotextures on both monitors, but you can’t go fullscreen on only one of the monitors and have the patches on the other!)

the only sollution i see for now would be having two filestreams connected to two videotextures and both playing the same file. which maybe causes performance problems…

thanx joreg for your vvvvery swift reply… :>

i understand your explaination for the freeze on one of the renderers, many thanks for that! :)

excuse me, but i dont get the solution you give in the second paragraph,

if you have time would it be possible explain a little more or maybe publish a simple example?

many thanks,


Just a note:

If you got a machine with multiplegraphiccards (sli ready motherboard), its perfectly possible to set the outputadapters of one card to spanmode, and the output of the other cards to dualview.

for your dualview setup you are using two renderers. both get connected to the same layers and therefore upstream are connected to the same videotexture. right?

in dualview. as long as the two renderers are on the same monitor they use the same internal “device” and everything is fine. when you move one renderer to the other monitor it uses another “device”. the videotexture would then have to render to two devices, which it can’t do.

therefore basically you have to repatch your patch so that you have two filestreams and two videotextures where each is connected to one of the renderers. now you should see video on both renderers/devices. but as mentioned above. beware of bad performance!

firstly many thanks to you joreg for dealing with my question…

im still not a hundred percent clear here, you’ll have to excuse me and put it down to someone beggining his journey into VVVV :)

I’ve spent some more time working on trying to get my solution:

firstly i came up with the attached patch that lets me have two renderers running simultaneously under extended desktop. I can pull one to the 2nd monitor and view full screen while the other sits on my primarly desktop and acts a preview for the 2nd monitor/projector.

there is only one input filestream. It works nearly all of the time but sometimes there is the odd problem.

What i want to do is actually use VideoIn > Video Texture > and so on in the same way so i can utilise some video feedback in my visuals. So you can see my ideal situation is to have a preview renderer dealing with the video feedback loop ( non node based) and the other renderer outputing this video feedback loop to the beamer. If i attach a videoIn it works while both renderers are on primary desktop but freezes up when one is moved the secondary desktop.

Am i trying to acheive the impossible?

Now onto the next bit, im still not sure how to set up dualview on my radeon mobilty x600…

also more to the point it sounds like i maybe wont be able to do what i want if im utilising two seperate videoIns in the manner you describe…

ofcourse any help will be grately appeciated :) (2.8 kB)

i see. one problem is the “multiscreen” module you are using. for the workaround i described you can’t use it. you can’t use the “multiscreen” module if you want to have see a video on two devices.

to see the video on two devices you’ll need two videotextures and then two videoins (since one videoin cannot be connected to two videotextures) or you might be able to use the “video” and the “preview” output of the same videoin node.

i think the best for you , is to use the span mode for your two screen
i imagine you have some ioboxes in your final patch to control some parametre , in this case just replace your ioboxe from the patch with gui element inside the preview renderer ( we have only one big renderer in full screen span mode , but this one is draw on the two screen )so you have one screen for preview with gui element like slider … and a preview of your video and on the second screen you have your video …
a gui element module here:
and what i mean with span mode stuff…

is it clear ?

thanks again guys,

sanch im not really clear on your explanation, mainly i think because my grasp of the environment is not that great. :)

do i need to implement you GUI module, i think so… if so how?

Is there a really simple patch that i can examine, ie with the set up you explain above. As i say all i want to do is have videoIn using video live feedback on main screen, and second renderer outputting the video feedback to beamer…