Newbi feedback loop problem

hey, just getting started with v4…

i want to randomly move a quad up/right/down or left every x seconds. seeing as there are no absolute coordinates(?), i tried to make a feedback loop… it’s not working :(

edit: disregard first image, second image is what i have. don’t know / unable to edit attachements…

animtest06.gif (14.9 kB)

hi & welcome :)

first things first, you really want to read about spreads! they allow you to do things with less nodes - for example, you can animate both your x- and y-coordinate with only one set of nodes (no copy/paste needed). articles about that are here and here.

about coordinates: actually, they are absolute. but maybe you want them to be relative (e.g. move the quad relative to its current position). i’m sure you’ve read about feedback loops. a nice node to remember for these is the S+H (Animation) , which can hold/save a value. maybe the attached patch gives you some ideas …

randomquad.v4p (9.9 kB)

thanx so much! you’re patch is very helpful, i get it now :)