Newb: speech to control bangs, advice on implementation?

I am new to vvvv, have some PD experience, and am trying to use the speech recognition library.

It works wonderfully! Almost creepy, actually.

Now, I am giving the Speech node a little dictionary of words to recognize. It recognizes them well. My ultimate goal is to use these words to control interaction, (zoom in, stop, etc). So what I wanted to do was have each word be able to trigger it’s own “bang”.

Using the Speech node example, I’m hooking up a “S+H” to the Speech node, and then out of the S+H, I have an IO Box string to show the word that has been selected.

Then I use an “=” to compare that IO box to another IO box. That box has “Stop”. When I say stop, the = node puts out a bang. But I was thinking there should be a more elegant way to do this for many, many items. Do I really have to create an = and another IO to compare for each entry in my dictionary?

Is there something like a “route” function that will output as many bangs as there are entries in a spread (which would be a duplicate of my dictionary)? I’m trying to wrap my head around Switch, Case, and Compare, but I’m not really seeing a way yet.

Perhaps if there was a way to “ask” a spread what number a string resides in, I could get a number, and then use a numerical switch to output as many different bangs as I need? Just thinking out loud. Any advice on how to best implement this is greatly appreciated.

guess toggedge after = will do the bang
but you have to make a list of words you want
and then bang along on the word, remeber also if your output more then one word you have to do “select” and “or” spectral so in case you have two words same time thay both got equal with your list