New "walpurgisnacht.exe"


I just tried the “Walpurisnacht.exe” to get rid of the red window and I have to report several problems:

Full screen-mode here is only working on first start of vvvv after rebooting the system.
Later only a smaller image in the left top corner on black backround is displayed.
Switching back to “windowed mode” by pressing “ALT+ENTER” takes much longer than usual.
If I then resize the renderer-window and try to switch back to “fullscreen” the image in the upper left corner is exactly as big as the windowed image was !?

“… and can spread the view-pin”
I tried this, but I only was able to devide the render in sections horizontal - is this how it should work ?
I was not able to devide the renderer vertical (for example a “quad-view”)

Perheaps it is a graphic-card/driver issue, I am using a “nvidia 5900XT” and driver version “” on the machine I am currently working on.
I will try with other graphic cards tomorrow an will report results.

Any ideas, suggestions, comments ?


I tried the same on a machine with a ATI Radeon 9800PRO - same effect !


helo markus.

it is like that: with the new features we also introduced some new bogs. of course. try this: when going fullscreen disable “AutoSize Backbuffer” and enter the resolution you want in fullscreen (it still has to be a valid one listed in the pulldown)

and for spreading the renderer. for now it is like you observed. you can achieve vertical splitting if you make your window higher than broad. but quad-view cannot yet be achieved.