New Voronoi node with details on the Voronoi structure

A lot of people have asked for a voronoi node that provides information over and above just the raw edges and the raw vertices for the voronoi diagram. I long ago wrote some Voronoi code using the Fortune algorithm so it’s pretty fast which produces a winged edge structure which contains pretty much everything you could want to know about a voronoi diagram. I’ve had it in the back of my mind to use this for VVVV for quite a while now and I finally got down to it. I’ve got it pretty much working and here’s a first stab at a helpfile.

Hopefully it might make a little sense though the subject is inherently a bit complicated. Still, I’ve provided some helper nodes which make lots of the common jobs a bit easier and which are specifically designed to produce output which can be pretty directly piped into VVVV graphics nodes.

I’d love to hear anyone’s comments, ideas you’d like to see added, things that don’t seem as easy as they might be, parts of the helpfile comments that are tough to understand (probably a few of these), etc… Hopefully, the helpfile will make some of this a teeny bit clearer than mud.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


looks great! can’t wait to get my fingers on it .

The best way for us to give feedback would be if you already now uploaded it as a contribution, then we can give it a spin and report back. and you can upload new versions as it progress.


Not sure how to do a contribution Sune, though I’m sure it’s not a big deal. I was kind of hoping to get it looking pretty good before putting it up but I suppose I’ll probably try to figure it all out tomorrow and put it up.

you basically just go here and do as it asks:

wow, cool!

i’d even consider to add these nodes to the addonpack

Yes addonpack is even better

Okay, put up a contribution. Hope I didn’t screw it up and it’s usable/understandable. Let me know if not.