New VL.Video doesn't handle switching videofiles with different resolutions well

Switching to a videofile with a different resolution messes up the resolution of the output texture/image.
Happens for both Stride and Skia versions … seems to be an issue with the “Prefer GPU” toggle.
Gamma 5.3 preview 0214


Looks more like a problem of two sinks. Better share the texture output, not the video source…

Nope, it’s the same for a single sink. I just did that to illustrate in parallel that it works without the gpu toggle.

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I’ve seen this flickering with some texture fx, I rolled back my gfx drivers and it fixed itself. Only happened in 5.3 for some reason

I have the same epileptic flickering behaviour, so I’ve found a duct tape - to toggle in and toggle out “prefer push” on every resolution change. But it is not a solution,indeed . We should wait the new version of video player by it’s developer i guess.
Ugly Kludge.vl (21.8 KB)

Thanks! Will be fixed in upcoming builds.

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