New system not working

setting up a new system but it doesn t want to boot.

What: Asus P8P67 rev3.1
CLUB3D HD 6970
CLUB3D 850 W
2x 4Gb kingston Hyper 1600
and wahtnots

Symptoms: 1 long 3 short beep, onece: that is VGA not recognized

Any idea?

sounds like graphic-card’s problem

Not good ram type ?

Concerning the gfx card us your powersupply enough for it and with right connectors ? See ati specs about poweesupply and cabling

?have you tied a different GFX card?

what xd_nitro said!

I recall a shout from you asking if the GPU needed a six pin and an 8 pin powerconnector, It most likely does.

I recently got a PC that should run an eyefinity card and the GPU specified that it needed 225W and the PSU on paper had no problem with that, but it only had two 6 pin connectors. I had to replace the PSU with one with a 6pin and an 8pin connector to get it to work, it sounds a bit like what you are experiencing now.


my PSU has 4x 6+2pin PCI-E plugs, those are supposed to be both 6 and 8 pin plug compatible.
I haven t tried with another VGA cause I don t have other PCI-e cars here anyway the guys at the shop they told they are going to lend me one so I can flash the EFI bios cause that s very likely to be the issue, let s hope so…

Bios update but still ho hopes for the hd6970 …

A bad bugging gfx card ? Did you try to exchange it?

I may have spotted the issue: my motherboard has PCI-Express x16 slot 2.0 while the hd6970 is 2.1 compliant, does anybody know if that can be the problem?

that won’t be the problem. have you tried another GFX card yet?

Yes, a nvidia 7200 gs, all working fine, i ve sent the HD6970 back already, it really seems to be a faulty card… grrr

yeah dead card or it could be an issue with ya PSU though - did you test the voltages at the pins?

No I didn t although it occurred to me too, but finding my multimeter right now would be an even greater issue… anyway i tried different connections from the modular PSU and none worked.
I va also discovered a little switch close to the CrossFire gold fingers that supposedly let s you use 2 different bios setup…

they ended up giving me a HD6950, they said they were not able to pinpoint the issue, both motherboard and graphic card worked but didn t cooperate nicely. Beware of this combination!

Now the system is up and working with the HD6950. I am testing it with GPU Particles and the render is stuttering although FPS doesn t seem to drop.
Really, no more ATI stuff on my machines…
Has anybody experienced something like that with ATIs?