[NEW] Search PlugIns for Firefox

Hey vvvvolks!

I added another Firefox search plugIn to the great Mycroft project, that allows for direct jump to a node’s documentation page. I missed this feature a lot, since the search doesn’t provide a “documentation” filter tag. (Btw: Why is that, @dave?)

I also added a plugin for vvvv’s default (apachesolr) search some time ago. Check those two out on Mozilla’s Mycroft:

Keep in mind that the search currently needs the correct spelling, e.g.
You might want to add a keyword to the search engine in Firefox, so you can just type something like
v colladafile-(ex9.geometry)
in your URL bar to land directly in the documentation page.

not exactly sure what this is for but sounds like alt+f1 on a node?!

documentation is part of wiki, we cannot distinguish them as is now.

Yes, it’s alt+F1 basically.
I made up this search plugin because often enough i want the help page without being near a living instance of the specific node.
Anyway, my Firevvvvox loves to have this :)