New/other control structures

hi guys -
i wish there would be more controlling modules like “if, then, else” … --> similar to the modules in max or pd but with the possibility of spreads. … i know that wouldn’t fit into the concept of vvvv but would be more comfortable for “traditional” programmers like me.

if you are talking about new nodes – how do you expect these nodes to work? this is a tough question and really open to discussion…

Regarding if/then/else i never felt Switch is really missing functionality or clarity. But i somehow lost track of how the nodes you are mentioning in max/pd are working. So any suggestions are welcome, please elaborate…

What in fact is missing in vvvv is an integrated way for setting up while and for structures within a spread. Our strategy here was always using clever nodes (spectral nodes, Integral, Cross etc.) to avoid the need of loop structures, and its still amazing how far someone can get with 99% typical reasons for loops pre-solved. But i agree, its necessary for becoming an allpurpose toolkit to have universal loop constructs with spreads.

The way i am thinking about this would be something like an expr node with some internal strongly typed, compiled programming language like FreePascal, but there might be other options…

… in fact i wasen’t able to do some stuff in v4 i did in max … but now i know it was my lack of knowlege. i found the “Automata” Node yesterday and also i know why my solution with the “switch” node dindn’t work (some failure in the logic).

but much thanks for your fast reply.