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Hi every1.

I am a new user proud of vvvv. Currently i am doing my proj and i need some v urgent help(kind of stuck really!).

I am using eyeswebs to do some detection( of blob), after which i pass the values over to vvvv using UDP. I had done a patch(attached). The coordinates will move the image(channel logo) as when the tracked obj move. However, it will only responds to 1 set of data with tracking of 1 blob.

When i try to do multi point tracking, how do i control mulitple images feeded with many different values points?
I want to control the different image movement with different sets of data sent. Is this possible?

I hope any 1 here would be willing to help me. If you have something similar pls do share with me. I would be very interested.

Thanks you very much.

this is the attached file.

so sorry

distance_betw_2_pts.v4p (21.0 kB)

Another MultiToucher :)

However, it will only responds to 1 set of data with tracking of 1 blob.

i assume that you receive a long string with the coordinates and AsValue (String) does only convert the first value.
May be you have to split the string into several slices. this technique is called “spreading”.

further i assume that Separate (String) is a node, which may solve your problem.

further i recommend you to search this site with the term “eyesweb”


thks for the help.

I wonder if the spreading can effectively respond quickly to the values obtain from tracking of mulitple blob?

basically spreading was invented to effectively respond quickly to multiple values… keep trying!