New laptop, too much?

I´ve found this,
Any idea about performance? too hot? too much noise?;020;015;070;010

i bought an MSI GT627 for far less money. FWIK with vvvv you don’t have any advantage from 4 cores, so 2 cores should be enough…

i’m quite confident with it and it’s really very quiet. in the train i have the softcase between notebook and my knees.

battery runs around 3 hours.
16801050 is quite comfortable
1200 on a laptop is really hard with vvvv. if this screen is close enough to your eyes the keyboard is too close to your belly.)
1GByte Videoram… the 9800 M GS isn’t bad at all.

only 2 USBports
a FN key-in the lower left corner of the keyboard where you guess the CTRL-key. but meanwhile i got used to this.

What would be your usage with it ?

thanks a lot ;)
I´m trying to make an audioreactive julia set at 60 fps, is enough with the 9800? or i´ll need a geforce 260/280 gtx?
currently i´m working with a macbook pro 2,33 ghz, 3 gb ram, ati radeon x1600, this is not a good graphic but for small works is fine.

see that

Probably for vvvv is this enough? (with the geforce 280, sure);020;015;025;010

I want to use it too with modo 302 or houdini for small renders.

Thanks for the rapid response ;)

For that kind of project with high perfomance I would recomend a PC tower. It would be really less expensive for the same high perofmance

For that kind of project with high perfomance I would recomend a PC tower. It would be really less expensive for the same high performance

I think the same, but for the moment i need flexibility and portability ;)

Do you think about the first machine? is there some temperature and ventilation improvements?
Is this a good configuration for a laptop?
I read in some forums that the core i7 can be overcloked easily
Overcloking is posible? i think that wil be dangerous ;)

Really Thanks

the GT627 has a “Turbo” Button for overclocking…

if you provide the patch i would check the framerate here.

Thanks Kalle but my currently machine don´t run with vs 3 or ps 3 =(

I want to use this shaders!!


hi lasal: overclocking an i7 (stepping D0 is better)
requires 1600 mhz RAM and a good ventillation
to have a stable system @ 4GHZ :)
so…not sure it’s a good idea on a laptop

my last laptop (asus c90) desktop cpu and 8600mGT
was hot (i reach 100°C on an shiny outdoor stage last summer) and noisy…

Hey circuitb!

My mac is hot and noisy in a cold and rainy day running a good patch, so… ;) i´m going to prepare a good refrigeration pad or something like that.

overclocking for the moment… no

thanks a lot, people