New Intel Realsense Camera - anyone got to work?

I just got the new Intel Realsense stand-alone camera, and installed the SDK and camera manager off the website, but so far only the color stream works. Any attempt to use the IR or depth streams just blinks the camera light and nothing else. And yes it’s on it’s own USB3, latest firmware, etc. etc.

Thought I’d try here first with all you cutting-edge types, better SNR than the Intel site. Thanks!

Interestingly, it shows up in the VideoIn (DSHow9) device list in three ways: IR, RGB, and Depth. But whenever I try to set it to either IR or Depth, the camera light blinks, and it sets itself back to RGB.

This would be nice, as it would not require a special driver to use it in vvvv, just get the Depth input via VideoIn, convert it to a texture, then run it through a depth to world shader. But alas…

Got it to work on another system. I believe the issue on the first system is that I did not plug in the camera BEFORE installing the software (no where does it say to do this). Apparently Windoze recognizes and installs ALMOST all the drivers for it, at least enough of the drivers that the install programs will then work properly. I will mark this as the answer when I verify it. Overall, this package (and their dev website, with many broken links) does not seem ready for prime-time.

you might look at here if you want to avoid some unnecessary headaches i had with it
only streams and face are working, and only the blocking pipeline is implemented (so it blocks vvvv until a new sample is available) good luck and i hope you will have a better time with it!

Well, works on my desktop, but not on my lovely monster Sager laptop - must be a USB3 chipset issue. Dag-nab-it!