New inlets for keyboard (system window)

i would like to see the keyboard (system window) node updated with two new inlets:

  • input (like in keyboard (system global))
  • hwnd

this would make it easier to make patches that send keystrokes to programs (it’s possible to use keyboard (system global), but then the keystrokes are always sent to the program that has focus).

i have researched this a little, and i think i can help if the plugin is written in c++/c#… so if the code finds its way to sourceforge, i can have a look. don’t have a clue about delphi, though, so that might be too hard for me :D


eh, i just realized it’s possible to use the enabled pin of keyboard (system global) to only send keys to the window you want. {TAG(tag=>strike)}i will upload a module shortly…{TAG}
see attachment.


  • the desired window still needs to have focus (don’t know if there’s even a sure-fire way around this)
  • sending special characters (like enter, or even space) does not work
  • sending a string with more than one of the same character in a row (eg. vvvv) only sends one (?!)

so not very good… :( (2.7 kB)