New in vvvv, wanting to do some mapping

Hi there, i’m new at vvvv.

My first project is to create a simple mapping (ie. map a box) and i don’t know where to start. I already read the doc “how to project on 3D geometry” but i think that maybe i’m skiping some previous knowledge, because i can’t make it work right. Does anyone have any advice like where to start, what previous lectures i can do, etc?



there are lots of tutorials… have vvvvun!

Hola Ignacio
don t be fooled on thinking that mapping a small cube got to be easier than mapping a big facade. I learned the hard way it isn t.
Small objects are more sensible to small errors, and 3D mapping is far more difficult than 2D mapping.
My advice is to leave that apart for a while and learn the basics of vvvv, just open some patches in the girlpower folder and get used to the application.
Then come back to the idea of mapping onto a simple box but remember that it is a fine art to get it right.

hehe, nice idea to start with your thoughts what actually will contain your mapping, then coupple of boxes, and a picture of what you are having from the view of a projector.

and if you cannot make it work right, means you have a problem… where?

Hi, thanks to all of you folks for the differents points of view, they were all useful.

Since im really a newbie i’ll take de IO advice and start with getting familiar with the vvvv basics. After that, maybe, i could be aware of where the heck is the problem with the mapping issue ;)

Thanks again,