New graphic card- any recommendations?


i´m looking for a new graphics card- any ideas?

what i want:

  • image quality (since i´m planning to get a high-resolution tft display soon and do lots of graphic design).
  • speed/pixel shader compatibility
  • price ( < 200 EUROS)

jemand nen tip?

gruss, florian

PS: this is off-topic, i guess. how about a devices-board (covering hardware & drivers for v4).

as joreg said somewhere else, every nvidia card higher than 6600 has pixel shader 3.0 support …

the new c’t (22/05) has a very comprehensive overview of 70 different chips on 100 cards…


the only thing I would highly recommend, is to buy an NVidia card and not a ATI X800 or similar.

We had a lot of trouble and one almost sleepless night because of the shitty ATI driver on a bigger installation apprx. two weeks ago. The problem was to set the card to a special resolution of 2x 1400x1050 with 50Hz in Horizontal Span Mode over DVI output.
OK … this sounds very special, but with the two NVidia 6800GT we bought the next morning it was only a few mouseclicks … quasi plug and play.


ohhh yes, i can confirm that ! ;) was a hard night …