New Configuration seems not working

“Use Configuration” Help Patch


  1. Load the help patch.
  2. Install missing dependencies.
  3. Restart the patch.

Or am I misunderstanding something about this patch and doing something wrong?

I’m trying to debug and see what’s going on, but the log node stops the patch and doesn’t write anything to the logs. It’s kind of funny)



Also the same:

The console is also silent.

hm… to doublecheck, on a clean pc i downloaded 6.0 and repeated exactly your 3 mentioned steps. after the patch restart (F9) it shows the values from the json as expected.

the fact that logging doesn’t work at this stage is by design: configuration is the very first thing that happens, and as the error message correctly states, the logging system is not available at this point.

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A complete restart of the app helped, thanks