New Camera (Transform Softimage) to test

Please test this version of Camera (Transform Softimage) module.

Controls are built from scratch and there are some improvments. New module is also little less CPU demanding.

All control values are handled as a single spread so camera positions can now be stored and recalled. I included small DataBank module that uses SetPatch to store up to 5 presets. Saving copies of DataBank type module together with other projects might be handy.

Camera will now slide and rotate when switching between presets and on reset. Also, response to changes of initial values is a bit damped. I find this behavior much more intuitive.

How do you like it?

Camera Beta 1.2 (Transform Softimage).zip


  • camera movements are now smooth also immediately after exiting Reset mode
  • all control values in Data spread are now correct (Interest and Distance were wrong)

Camera Beta 1.3 (Transform Softimage).zip

and here is the replace for old Camera (Transform Softimage).v4p

nothing fancy. just about 20% less CPU usage.

Camera (Transform Softimage).v4p

thx major, glad your back. we missed you.

the cam works great, but couldn’t really test it all.

hope to have some time later…

tf is right: we missed you!!!

incredible and amazingly clean patchstructure. i couldn’t expect anything else from you.

but it seems that you didn’t know that all nodes have hidden outlets revealing their own ids…

Camera (Transform Softimage Beta 1.3.1).zip (26.6 kB)

thanks guys!

hey kalle, :-)))))) good point for DataBank module. that was my ol PatchFeedback module slashed with several hammer hits just to fit the purpose. let’s name it somehow, CameraPresets (Value) maybe? is 5 presets enough? PatchFeedback is able to take any number of input nodes and thats why it was programmed with stylesheet.

i would like to stick with the original Camera version, not the Newton one. FilterTime input is OK as a preference. i don’t think Camera module should get any fancier than that. wanted to keep it as less complicated as possible.

hey majortom,

IMHO that databank thing could be a universal approach for storing spreads. but i’ll need the weekend to dig deeper into this.

sticking to your approach i’d say let’s take 10 presets.

of course you are right with keeping the camera basic.
but i wanna have some fancy cameras too…

hey men this camera its exelent, the spread imput it much better!!!
i use to have a custom camera with 2 vectorial imputs, but this its much much better
and the dat bank, this its VERY usefull!, i think that this patch only need a own thread

great work