New bugs in beta 33.3

when moving main patch vision with left click mouse or rolling third button mouse, videos playing with filestream d9 are freezed/ jittering
also when draging a subpatch with mouse
you cant do live patching in fact

are you saying this is different behavior than before?

yes ! on beta 30.2 i never noticed it

then please create a simple patch that shows your problem and describe the difference you see between the latests version that works fine for you and 33.3 so that we can try to reproduce the same here.

ok. will try. i have this on a big pacth


here it is, but i would recommand you to use your own beloved video file to see mini glitch

glitch happens here:
-on move of the window main (or any subpatch)
-on right click and move inside main patch

no noticable effect with the wheel, but it happens on my bigs patchs with a lot of subpatches

jitter on move (5.4 MB)

and before i try:
tell me the latest vvvversion with which this does not happen for you.

doesn’t occurs with 32.1 x64 nor 30.2 x64, seems to be 33 revelant

dragging any vvvv-window has and will always freeze vvvv. thats by design, see also my remarks here:

i can confirm that there seems to be a different behavior between b32.1 and b33 regarding right-dragging (scrolling) a patch which now causes more jitter. noted…

well… i never noticed it until now and this 33.3 version, and from version 27 (where for example you correct the frame rate drop due to editing with mouse was nicely removed).

so actually live patching is not possible, nor going inside a patch and moving inside to correct discretly something without affecting visual result ( performance or rehearsal)

aie aie aie :(

please check newest alpha build