New adventure storybook engine(with helppatch and better explanation)

i made up a simple text based format for adventure storybook text games.
its like those old game books
the text format is human readable.
here is a full dev kit(module with helpfile, test file, explanation,spec)
if you download it i woould like some feedback on how to improve it
either file is fine
there boyth the same accident :) (6.0 kB)

hm, it appears your help patch is just a copy of the module, which is not that helpful ;) maybe you can fix that?

it was late whan i made the last one!
this is 1.2 version.
still very early, max 9 frames.
but it works well.(i think)
the help is real and the spec is accurate! (7.0 kB)

i recommend you use xml for your file format; it is less of a hassle to parse with the XPath (XML) node. also, it might be a great help in making your patch more dynamic - right now, there is a fixed number of options & commands each frame can have; it would be clever if those were dynamic, e.g. as big or as small as each frame needs it.

i second diki’s opinion.

XML is deadsimple
XPath is pure fun and not that hard
XSLT i have to learn myself

btw. is “guest” yout username?
or is everybody allowed to message me?

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sorry to bother you but you seem like the most knowlegeable person on here so i was wondering if ytou could take a look at my adventuer storybook engine in dreams projects and rock and roll?
i woul appreciate it.

no thats not my username.

i think the human readabilty is quite an issue. thats why many people prefer yaml over xml. i agree thinking about an YPath node could be a good idea. and everybody seems to have the need to learn XSLT. but that may as well be a bad thing from a language design standpoint.

the human readability is an issue.
i didnt want it to be complicated or hassely to use
i just was trying to make a simple thing that you didnt need a special editor for.