Network's Modules used a lot of cpu!


Do you khnow why NetSend and NetReceive modules use so much CPU ressources? I’m using approximately 100 modules of netsend and my CPU (pentium 4 3GHz) is at 100%. Is it normal?

I’ve create others NetWork’s modules without TCP possibilitie because I’m working only in UDP but it doesn’t change anymore.

CPU is overload very fast when I use Network Modules. It is the same with 4 or 10 Network’s modules.

Can I optimise somethings if I use spreads as values?

Is it better for the CPU if I use a spread of 100 values or if I use 100 Netsend of with one value?

Thank you.

definitely go for the spread. but using 10 network nodes should be ok also…can you send a small patch that shows the problem?

I’m going to try to change for spreads technique. I’ve used too much Ports. I keep you informed…

Thank you Joreg!!

It’s ok for spread.