Netsend or UDP

Hi folks, I’m having a little trouble getting Netsend and UDP to work. I’ve got 3 computers running windows home 10, each currently has patches running on them, I could boygroup, but just really wanting my to send data from a 4th laptop to update some settings on each of the three patches running on the computers, ie, brightness and sound levels.

I’ve put a Netsend (Network Value) on the laptop, and on the pc’s on the same network Netreceive (Network Value), and set the IP on the Netsend to the ip of the PC, in this case, but am not getting any values through the network. Are there some firewall rules blocking the UDP on network perhaps? I’ve tried a couple of different ports as well,


Check first if you have same protocol (0 or 1) on all the machines…

Firewall usually issue with ZeroMQ

If you are on the same machine and you change the IP to the actual IP of your computer on that network and it doesn’t send data is that a firewall issue?

First thing to test is just turn firewall off and see it it works, I’ve had issues even when I was sure vvvv as allowed through. Next just check in the netsends that 0 and 1 mean the same thing in the sender and receiver, I have a feeling they might be opposite…

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