NetMQ - connecting between computers with hotspot

Hello vvvvorld. Using VL.IO.NetMQ 0.4.1-alpha, I’m trying to connect two Windows computers via the Windows hotspot function. A little confused as to which IP addresses to use for publish/subscribe nodes respectively.

First of all, on the same system, VL.IO.OSC works between computers, and this is when using the IP address of the receiving/non-hotspot computer (, with optional also working for the receiving computer)

In vvvv beta’s ZeroMQ patch, this works with the IP address of the publishing/hotspot computer ( for both computers’ fields.

In VL.IO.NetMQ, neither of these seem to work. Any ideas how to make it so?

Also, documenting in help patches of how to send data in VL.IO.NetMQ using Serialize (Binary) / Deserialize (Binary), with the MutableArraySegment’s Array in between, and an output IO box needing the correct datatype would be super useful for those needing to do so. Tebjan writes that converting to string and back is a performance hit, this isn’t immediately apparent, especially since Serialize (Binary) is not an obvious choice for those who don’t know. Appreciate a great F1 help patch!

Thanks for your help, and hopefully answers will be useful for those who need it.

For the publisher you need to specify a local address to bind to. for most cases (meaning “any”) should be fine, as typically you only have one network interface.

For the subscribe you need to specify the remote address to subscribe to.

i’ve added this info and also the node you need to access the MutableArray on the receiver side for using Deserialize (Binary). available in VL.IO.NetMQ 0.4.2-alpha

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