.net Nuget referenced but does not show in node browser

Hi everybody,
I want to use this .net nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/GCModeller.Core/
And it also installs without a problem and can be referenced via the dependencies without an error.

Though it does not appear in the node browser. I’m still a bit inexperienced with using .net nugets in gamma and all other nugets I’ve used so far easily appeared in the node browser. So I’m basically trying to understand if there is an issue that can be resolved or if there are general compatibility problems for this nuget that make it unusable with current gamma versions.

Really appreciate any help and hints :)

i’m afraid looking into the package shows that it is packed in a weird way (never seen before) that vvvv cannot read.

you could try to reference the .dlls contained in the packages \x64 dir directly and see if that gets you what you are looking for.

Hey Joreg,
Indeed that worked. Thanks for the hint!

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