.NET crash "can't compare two elements in the array"


My Lenovo X200 worked fine for years. Yesterday, when trying to create a node, I get a .NET error “can’t compare two elements in the array”. Then the nodemenue is broken and VVVV freezes.

I did a clean reinstall with an older and newer release of XP SP3. Installed the latest chipset and graphic drivers, directx 9c redist and the .net 3.5 sp1 redist. Crack.exe shows me all the green lights.

Tried a clean vvvv_45beta25.1 from the web. The error still orrucs.
I’m getting a little desperate here, any suggestions?


helo schlonzo,

sounds rather strange. so this happens with any node you try to create? or can you create some and others not?

would be great if you could come to irc for a chat/test.

Thx for the quick answer!

The error occurs when double clicking.
Which IRC channel?

howto use irc

Hi schlonzo and joreg,

I faced same error message today with 25.1, too.

In my case, filename include “)” was bad. for example,
“1)first.v4p”, “2)second.v4p”, …

remove “)” from filename, fixed.